Recently, I went to a festival in which many of the people there were tripping on various substances. I was not tripping until the very last day, but only for a small portion of time (on DMT– I’ll explain that a bit later). I also had several experiences throughout the weekend without the drugs but with some lucid dreaming and binaural beats. These simulated trips remind me of my entheogenic journeys and have helped me see through visual imagery instead of hallucinating.

The nights were filled with Valerian tranquility. I had to relax, which was the safest way to do so. My psychiatrist recommended this as an alternative to benzodiazepines, which have proven successful. I’ve not received any adverse effects from the use of Valerian Root and believe it is an excellent way of avoiding the use of illegal cannabis.

My MDMA Experience

Now on to this subject line: how I emancipated myself from mental confinement through the use of MDMA. I had planned to take MDMA after testing it with a mdma test kit and had to do it there. There were alien signposts around the DJ stage for decoration, but I think there was something more to it than that. So I was”raving” and felt the strong need to express myself through interpretive dance! I felt like I was in Mesopotamia because everything felt so ancient and made of wisdom. During my Lsd “flashback,” I noticed some changes in my memories – how I was more insightful on MDMA than in sober life – about my previous experiences.

The MDMA was a good amount, enough to rid me of the ugly atrocity of the depression I was facing. It was a chemical imbalance, that much I could tell. Also, I was running out of serotonin because I knew to take MDMA and *only* MDMA. I noticed empathogenic effects as I cared more about others’ emotions and my own. It was all very satisfying, but not quite as much as the sleep, I got at home afterward (this was a camping event).

MDMA & DMT Healed my Depression

The DMT I smoked was very light to my mindset and was only around for a few minutes. I felt like everything was a myth, and that the end-all-be-all was starting to show that if things are not in “the REAL reality,” then they soon will “disappear” into the air because thoughts of mine and others’ that were created with an ill intent disappear and go untouched. There is too much goodness to make any other conclusion of sorrow be so. MDMA+DMT cured my suicidal depression like nothing else could or would. Ok, and the exorcism part: it is just to say that I one time saw aliens surround me in an L-trip, and getting far away from them felt like my God-Given redemption of fair faith and understanding of what went down that day nearly three years ago today.

Finally, some Binaural Beats I listened to there, mostly the BrainWave ones, with Anxiety Relief and Focus & Concentration beautifully done, and most lasted about half an hour. It eased me so I wouldn’t feel such a harsh comedown from the pure-form MDMA powder.

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